Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Badass Journal, Update and Class #2

Hello lovelies! If you saw my first post about my Badass journal, you know that I considered adding some black to the cover ... and I have, but much more than black! Once I started adding layers, I didn't know when to stop ....

Before and After:

I put my hand there so you will get an idea of the size of my journal.

Whole cover, journal opened flat:

Can you spot the "before" cover, underneath all the new layers?

I think I'll go light on my next canvas cover, but it has been fun! :)

Onto the 2nd class of this Badass Journal course.

This class was taught by Tiare Smith. I didn't do it the exact same way she did, but I don't think that's the main point when doing a class - it's just to get ideas and be inspired.  Tiare used patterned tissue paper for the hair, but I didn't have any so I used stencils instead ... can't really see that it's supposed to be her hair, though. Tiare made a big eyelid on her face, so I did that, too ... Mine is cut out of a Gelli print background I had laying around, same with her lips, which got a double coat of dimension to shine. Why the pink face? Because I'm such a badass, that's why ;-) And because I listen to P!nk when I need more of that badass energy, especially when I dity up my studio after crafting.... It's a big mystery how one person can make such a mess so quickly.


dream with love
a dream is a wish your heart makes
(stamps from Rubber Dance)

I don't consider myself a mixed media artist - I'm a stamper and cardmaker first and foremost, so I learned a lot from my twist on this 2nd class, what worked and what did not. I covered up a lot of booboos and I'd do it much differently next time. The result is so-so, but the process was super fun! 

This is the course I'm taking:

Disclosure: I am not sponsored, I'm just sharing because I have enjoyed the 1st and 2nd classes! I do know one of the teachers (Susanne Rose), in fact she's a close friend and a colleague, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I LOVE this! I have only taken the first two classes, the next one will be released on the 20th of Feb., as these are weekly classes going on till June. You can jump in at any time and follow the classes at your own pace.
Thanks for looking!
(badass wannabe)


  1. Så utrolig digg da Bibi, og elsker å malingrestene på hånda de, det betyr at du har kosa dæ. ♥ Det er ganske fantastisk det du har laget, så mange herlige detaljer. Gleder meg til å se mer. Klemm

    1. hehe, ja den malinga sitter visst godt på - og det gjør meg ingenting, selvsagt :) Takktakk! Klæmma ♥

  2. Sure looks like you had lots of fun. Funky and fabulous x

  3. Love the cover and the big face. Glad you added the close ups, gorgeous glimmer and shine. Hugz

    1. Thank you! There is lots of shimmer going on here, more than the camerca can capture (more than this photographer can, anyway ;) xx

  4. Oooh of course you're a mixed media artist!! I LOVE this, you are sooooooo clever....but I'm guessing you already know this of course ha ha
    Donna xx

    1. Actually, I don't. Tell me more! *grins* Seriously, I am dabbling in un-known territory, using techniques and products I'm not that familiar with. It's a trial and error, cover up and try again learning process :)

  5. Oh wow!!! Your work is stunning!!! I love the journal cover and also your gorgeous spread! Thank you for sharing this. Hugs!!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful journal page and gorgeous cover! A bad ass journal indeed! Love the black added to it!

  7. wow!!! gorgous!! Your Art Journal cover and the first Tiare's lesson!


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