Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Join our Layers Challenge!

Hello, everyone! I'm just popping in real quick to inform you about the challenge that started over at my stamp company's blog today:

The challenge runs for 2 weeks - deadline Feb. 28. at midnight CET.
You don't have to use our stamps to enter.

Read all about the challenge here.

Here's the inspiration I made for our challenge, 
using the Textured Houses stamps from Rubber Dance:

I hope you will join us! :)

Go to the challenge here.


  1. Wow...So much to look at, artsy and absolutely loving the layering x

  2. So beautiful Bibi! I hope I'll have enough time to join in!

  3. Beautiful town Bibi. Lovely layers. Ooh look, half a flower LOL. Hugz

    1. Thank you! Haha, I spotted an empty space... just big enough for that half flower ;) xx

  4. Ooooh another masterpiece....and this is Mixed Media at its finest....see I told you that you are a mixed media artiste'd better listen up real good ;)
    Donna xx

    1. Thanks! OK, I am listening ... ;) You're right, I guess. What I meant when I said I am not (in my journal update post) is that I had been using techniques and products I'm not that familiar with. I know my way around paper and inks, but when it comes to using acrylic paints, texture paste and whatnot, I am still a newbie - enjoying the learning process. xx

  5. I love your card!!! It looks amazing with these many layers. xx Susanne.


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