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My name is Bibi Lindahl and I'm a 51 year old living on an island just outside of a beautiful city in the south-east of Norway. The star formation below is our fortified town, founded in 1567. I live on the other side, on the far left side on this photo:

I'm a stamp manufacturer during the day and a crafter in the evenings. Sometimes there is no distinct line between the two, though ...

I've been stamping since 1992 and made stamps for sale since 1999. I sold my first stamp company in 2005 when I went back to college, but 5 years later I was back at it again - making stamps out of my own nature prints before founding my current stamp company, Rubber Dance, in May 2014.

I started this blog because I wanted one where I could join challenges and use any stamp that speaks to me - not just stamps from my own company.

Why would a stamp manufacturer want to use stamps from other companies? Isn't my own stamps good enough?  Of course they are and I do use them a lot, but I love stamps from other companies, too!  Having been a stamper for decades, I have a huge collection of stamps from other companies just sitting there....which is a shame, isn't it. I don't think of other stamp companies as my competitors; we offer different kinds of stamps and styles, and I don't mind if I promote stamps from my "colleagues".

If you were to ask me what my stamping style is, you'd get a blank stare ... I do not know if I have one. I guess most of my makes through the years have been grungy/artsy, but I'm sure I must have dabbled with any style under the sun. Right now I love bright, happy colours, but sometimes I go back to my previous faves; brown hues and bronze. 

My artwork has been published in a number of magazines, and I've written several articles for Scrap & Stamp Arts, Craft Stamper, and Rubber Stamp Madness.

I love the stamping community. I have met so many wonderful, talented, friendly and helpful people - online as well as in person. Since you are reading this, I bet you are a wonderful person, too. Hello, gorgeous! ♥ 

My favourite sound when I’m in my craft room, is that of my dog Ulla snoring. Here she is, wanting to play:

I'm an auntie of two grown-up "kids" and a bonus (aka step) grandmother of four young boys.

I have lived in Iceland for two years. What an adventure! I can make myself understood in Icelandic, and also speak five other languages, although my German is rather rusty ...My dream is to live in Spain during Norway's cold winter months, so I'd better start learning Spanish soon!

If I have a bad day, I put on a playlist with Pink and turn up the volume! Her music gives me a lot of energy and stamina. If that doesn’t help, there is always ice-cream ....

I always wear opaque nail polish. It covers the stain of ink under my finger nails. I do not mind colourful ink stains all over my hands, though.

Our county's coastline is famous for its pink granite:

 ... and for its many sites with rock carvings, dating back some 4000 years:

I have visited these sites many, many times and have also made some of the rock carving images into stamps. Here is a rock carving and runes card by my previous DT member, Kristiina from Finland:

Below are some of my artwork. After you have seen these, leave a comment and describe my style with ONE word! hahaha, now that's a challenge if I ever saw one! ;-)



Thanks for looking this far! ;)


  1. I'd say your style is eclectic Bibi ;)
    Donna xx

    1. Aha! I guess you pinpointed it with that one, Donna! :) Thanks!!
      Hugs back xx

  2. Bibi,
    I can't believe I had not read this till now! How wonderful getting to know more about you!
    I just love your greenhouse room and Pink is an excellent choice for tunage!
    As for you crafty boyfriend- holy moly- he sure does craft big! heehee
    And your beautiful pup, I bet she is a darling fur baby!
    Looking through all of your makes, I am going with Whimsical(although I do like Donna's Eclectic as well!)
    Lovely for you to share my friend!
    huge hugs,Jackie xx

    1. ps
      I think it is wonderful that you use others stamps and promote them- you are a true artist! In my mind, an artist shares! <3

    2. Hi Jackie!
      How sweet of you to leave a comment here - thank you! ♥
      If you think my boyfriend's kayak is "crafting big", you should have seen the studio he has built for me! :-D But you're right, those kayaks ARE big! I agree - my style is going more and more in the direction of whimsical, and since Donna has called it 'Eclecti'c it means I can do anything I want ;-)
      Yup, I think it's great that we artists can share (although I think of myself as a crafter rather than an artist, but it depends how one defines those words, of course).

      Huge hugs back! xx

  3. Loved reading about you Bibi, the photo are gorgeous too.
    I dont have a name for your style except lovely! Sending hugs xx

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Debs! You're so sweet!
      Hugs back! xx

  4. This is wonderful Bibi! It's lovely to know about the person behind the company and brand so thank you for sharing with us. You and I are alike in that I have been stamping for many years too. It's nice to find another person like me in that regard as most of the peeps I come across are newbies, as in stamping for five years or less.
    As for your style - in one word it's eclectic or varying and I love that. I like trying out different styles and trends myself but the one thing I struggle with is CAS, can't do that at all!
    Lovely to hear about your beautiful home and you huni Karen xx

    1. Thank you for leaving a greeting here, Karen! I struggled with CAS at first, but after a handful of cards or so I started to "get it" and I think they're such fun to make. I guess we're all newbies at something, and for me it was CAS - and all the other things I still haven't tried yet. Love this hobby - always more to learn and experiment with! xx


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