Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Deep Sea Diva - Cards for That's Crafty!

Hi everyone!

That's Crafty! has launched two new stamp sets designed by Donna Gray! I have had the pleasure to work with these stamps a bit ahead of time and so far I've made the three cards below. To see many more sample cards with these beautiful stamps, pop over to That's Crafty's blog for a look.

I LOVE everything beach and sea, so I'll make more cards with these stamps when time permits. But for now, here go you - my first three cards using stamps from the Deep Sea Diva collection:


Here are the two sets. 
These clear stamps are both available in the That's Crafty web shop

Full Disclosure: Yes, I am affiliated with That's Crafty! and the designer of these stamps, Donna Gray, is a very good friend of mine. She's designing stamps for my own rubber stamp company as well. That's Crafty! gave me these two stamp sets to make sample cards. They also carry stamps from my company, Rubber Dance, which you can find in their web shop here. They will be addding more stamps from Rubber Dance soon (I'm working on their order as we speak; ready to ship later this week!)

I had great fun making these sample cards
and I hope you like them.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, 15 May 2017

Rule of Three - Rubber Dance Challenge

Hi everyone!

I would like to invite you to join our challenge over at Rubber Dance, where the theme is Rule of Three. You can make anything where you use three things - see our challenge post for more info. I've used three flowers on this card:

The flowers are from a set of stamps called Beki from That's Crafty!
Text and smaller stamps from Rubber Dance.

Join us over at the Rubber Dance blog!
You have until midnight CET on May 31st to join.


Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Gold Embossed Butterflies

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to show you the card I made for the challenge reminder over at Rubber Dance blog today:

Background made with texture paste and a stencil, then coloured with Distress Ink Sprays and randomly stamped with tiny stamps. I used the same colours of ink spray on a piece of watercolour paper and gold embossed two of the butterflies from Butterfly Trio. The gold embossed text was made with stamps from Beautiful Words, a set full of words you can put together and spell your own sentences. 

You have until May 14th to enter.
Come join us!  

Here are the colours we want you to use:


Thanks for looking!

I would like to enter my card this challenge as well:
That's Crafty!: Bright!
For this challenge, we only have one requirement - your entries need to be bright please!
This challenge runs intil
7.55 am (GMT), Friday 12th May 2017

Friday, 5 May 2017

Funny Bunny - Masked Stamping

Hi everyone! I hope you like my silly card :-)

Card intro:
Claire couldn't quite put her finger on it, but for some reason she had always suspected that she might have been adopted ...

Stamp from the Bonny Bunny set, designed by Donna Gray for Rubber Dance
20 % off on both new sets until Monday (May 8th). All info is here.

I stamped three bunnies in the front, masked them off and stamped the two in the back, masked those off and stamped the final top bunny. All bunnies were coloured in using Zig watercolour markers, which I LOVE. I have never liked using markers, until I tried these. (I'm not sponsored by anyone to say that, I really do love'em!). I used them together with a waterbrush here and there. Anyway -  I wanted missis Claire to stand out more, so I stamped her on another piece of watercolour paper, coloured her in and cut out the image, leaving a thin white line around the image. Text was made on my computer and printed out.  

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Speak No Evil - Owl Tag for Fremsnakk

This is my second post for today. The first one is here.

Hi everyone!

This post is written to support an ongoing "Talk Positively About Someone" campaign in Norway, hosted by the Nordsalten Hobbyklubb Blog. In Norwegian we have a relatively new word, Fremsnakk - which is the opposite of Baksnakk, which means slander, or literally translated "Back Talk" - to speak negatively about someone behind their back. So the opposite of that is to talk positively about someone, and let people know :-)

It's a very sad story why this campaign came about, after a Norwegian crafter blogged about her having been bullied in the crafting community. I know, shocking! I don't know that many crafters in Norway and I haven't witnessed any of the bullying and slander - all I know is this one person speaking up about it, and one person being bullied is one too many.

We all have a story, we all struggle with something or the other - some of us just hide it better than others, and that's OK too. Just as long as we know that we have no rights to judge a book by its cover. People are so much more than what we can see.

If someone slanders, do you listen?

Or are you wise like the second owl?

Below is the stamp I used. I stamped the images on watercolour paper, cut the images apart, and used the first and second owl, plus pieces of the branch. The images were coloured in using Zig watercolour makers. I made the texts on my computer.


This zentangle stamp was designed by Melina Dahl in Sweden for Rubber Dance and it's a a tweak on The Three Wise Monkeys, who saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoke no evil. To me that includes "don't slander"; it means that if I hear any slander, I try to shut my ears to it (hear no evil), and I certainly don't spread any slander (speak no evil). It also means that I try my best to "close my eyes" to any negative sides of a person, and rather open my eyes to their positive sides - we all have many of those :-)

Besides - what you might not like about someone, is perhaps the very reason why I like that person, and vice versa. I like people who are straight forward and brutally honest, whereas other people might find them rude. I might be drawn to people with a peculiar sense of humour, you might find them silly or weird. We might also have a very different taste when it comes to arts and crafts;  what I like might not be your cup of tea - and the other way around. And that's OK! As long as we remember this:

Now, let's get back to the main reason for this post - my support the campaign called Fremsnakk, i.e. "to talk positively about someone". I know I can get better at giving compliments and telling people why I love this or that about them or something they do or have made. I might think to myself that I really like her or what she says/does/makes...., but people aren't mind readers, so let's all get better at giving one another compliments! :-) Not just in comments we leave on blogs (which is very nice, too!), but also in person - face to face, it being friends or strangers.

So - today I want to Fremsnakke a Norwegian crafter who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. We had emailed back and forth after I had joined one of her crafters' groups on Facebook, and she also appeared as a Guest Designer on my company's blog, (see her post here). She is extremely talented, very sweet, has an awesome sense of humour, and she has that straight forwardness people from Northern Norway is known for, which I really like.

So who's that girl? Her name is Jorunn Langås Andreassen and her blog is here. Go have a look! I don't know if there is anything this woman can't make - she makes everything from tags, ATC's and cards to scrapbook pages and 3D decorations. Here is just a tiny selection of things Jorunn has made:

And last, but not least - this greeting inside a card:

Bottom text is in Norwegian and reads:

You are worthy
because you are you

Always remember that!!

Thanks for stopping by today
Now it's your turn to give compliments to someone,
either face to face or in writing.
Words matter. Speak well of one another,
and of yourself

Sale - New Stamps!

This is my first post for today, the second one is here

Hi everyone!

As most of my readers know by now, I own the stamp company Rubber Dance. Over at our blog today, you will find a RELEASE SALE on two new sets of rubber stamps, designed for Rubber Dance by my very dear friend Donna Gray!
I'm so happy and excited!! :-)

If that doesn't tickle your curiosity, how about this sneak peek ....


Pop over to our blog and let us know what you think! 
These are Donna's very first designs for Rubber Dance
and I know she's looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks for looking!

Rubber Dance Blog:
Rubber Dance Web Shop:

Monday, 1 May 2017

May's First Challenge!

Hi everyone!

I'm just popping in real quick today to let you know we have a new challenge over at the Rubber Dance blog, running from May 1st to May 14th. Come join us!

I haven't had time to make an inpiration card this time,
but here is a beauty from our teamie Dot in Australia:

You'll find more inspiration pretties on our blog,
and all the info you need to join our challenge as well.
See you there? 

Thanks for looking!
I'll be back on May 4th with something else for ya .... , stay tuned! :)