Saturday, 2 June 2018

New Stamps - FREE Shipping!

Hello, my crafty friends! ♥

Just a quick note to let you know there are brand new stamps over at Rubber Dance today! FREE shipping during release week! You will find the coupon code you need over at the Rubber Dance blog - where we also share lots of samples we've made using the new stamps. Here's one ....

 See you over at the Rubber Dance blog :-)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 25 May 2018

Watercolour Birthday Card

Hello friends! I've made a card for CAS-ual Friday over at the Rubber Dance blog.

This gorgeous hydrangea stamp with birthday sentiment (and more) will be released at Rubber Dance on the 2nd of June, so here's just a little nibble ...

I coloured the stamp with watercolour markers, gave it a light mist of water and stamped it on watercolour paper. I filled in just a few petals and both leaves, using markers and a paint brush. For the sentiment, I also used markers on the stamp - but no water for a crisp impression.

This stamp set will be available in the Rubber Dance web shop on the 2nd of June.

Thanks for looking!

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Hoppy Birthday Bunny Card

hOpPy Birthday!

Two of my friends have birthday this week! Gail turned 50 on Sunday and Donna is turning... something-or-the-other today! (I don't know whether her age is a secret, so let's just leave it that).

It's so nice seeing those young chicks follow in my tracks by a year (and a half or two), and Gail saying goodbye to her 40-somethings and finally turning 50! Welcome to a new decade, filled with awesomeness, glitter, and many more wrinkles! Hey, we've earned them all! :-D

Gail has this bunny hop running on her blog to celebrate, and here is my contribution - a colourful card with the adorable Bonny Bunny that Donna designed for Rubber Dance!

Bunnies might not like tulips, so I added some carrots for her in the bouquet: 

No birthday girl/woman is too old for glitter on her BD crown:

So with this, I wish Gail a happy belated 50th birthday (I know she celebrates all week)
and Donna a happy birthday today
and many more awesome years to come for you both!

♥ ♥ ♥  Love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm entering my bunny card to Gail's hopping challenge:

Thanks for looking!

You may leave birthday wishes to Gail and Donna below,
and praises to me for a card well made, of course ;-)


Sunday, 1 April 2018

Altered Kettle - published in Craft Stamper magazine!

I had an article about how to alter an old kettle in the April issue of the Craft Stamper magazine (which came out in March). If you have that issue, check pages 22-25 :-)

Here it is again, although without the step by step instructions - you need the magazine for that.


Interested in the magazine? Go to to buy subscriptions, for single copies, or the digital version from

For my kettle, I used colours that match our April challenge over at the Rubber Dance blog - as well as our theme this month; altered stuff. You may choose between the two (colours or theme), or make a combo of both: 

You have the whole month to join.

The kettle stands on my workdesk, filled with paint brushes I use - so it's not just for decoration.
During Easter, however, I've filled it with colourful tulips and placed it on our dining table.
Stamped used on my kettle are the Crazy Flowers from Rubber Dance.

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, 31 March 2018

Funny Easter Cards

Happy Easter, everyone! ♥

It's not custom here in Norway to send out Easter cards, but I made three just for fun. It doesn't say Easter on any of the cards, though, so maybe I'll use them as birthday cards instead - especially spring birthdays.

First is this chick - obviously born with a lot of confidence! :-)


All the stamps are from Rubber Dance:
Tulips from Crazy Flowers #1, Chick from Textured Spring, sentiment from Adore Me, and Rascal Rooster. I drew the stem of the flower by hand before stamping the sentiment on a separate piece of paper, which I cut out and adhered on top after colouring it.


Stamps used, all from Rubber Dance:
Bonny Bunny, Textured Spring (chick), Flower Power, Flying ink bottle (sentiment). I drew the speech bubble by hand and also some hearts to match those on the chicken.

Stamps used, all from Rubber Dance:
Bonny Bunny, Flower Power, Textured Spring (eggs). I made the sentiment using 'Hoppy' from Bonny Bunny and 'Spring' from Four Seasons.

I stamped all three cards using black Versafine ink on watercolour paper and coloured the images in with Zig clean colour markers, sometimes direct to paper and some places combined with a waterbrush.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
 I wish you all a very Happy Easter!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Easy Scenery Cards

Hi there! I love making scenery cards, even if I don't have a lot of stamps made especially for that. I'm all for using what one has available, including a bit of imagination ...

My first card combines stamps from the two sets from Rubber Dance; Carved Whimsy Wood in the back and a tree and leaves from Four Seasons on top, cut out and adhered with foam dots. I stamped the trees first, then drew the ground and grass with a waterproof pen before colouring everything using Zig clean colour markers and a waterbrush. Just goes to show that you don't need more than a few trees to make a scenery card - add a few pen strokes and you're all set! :-)

 The flower in the corner is from Carved Whimsy Wood, with leaves from Four Seasons tucked underneath.

The trees in the back (lighter colours) were stamped, masked and stamped again to make them look as if they are standing behind one another. I used the two leaves stamp to add branches to one of the trees (darker green). The ground and grass are easy to draw in like this - and it doesn't have to be perfect. All we want is the illusion of a ground that adds a bit of depth:

 If you haven't made scenery cards before, just give it a try. 
Start simple..... and before you know it, you've made a heck of a scene!

 Thanks for looking!

If you want to see more samples with the new stamps, 
please visit my post over at the Rubber Dance blog

 The stamps used are from the new sets - on sale just till the end of February.
 You can get either sheet at 15 % off in the Rubber Dance web shop.
OR both and save even more!


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

9 Ingredients of a Loving Relationship

Hey, good people -  Happy Valentine's Day! I've made a shrine dedicated to LOVE and filled it with a few ingredients I think is important in a relationship - whether it's the romantic kind or one between close friends. 

Stampes used - all from Rubber Dance:
digits from Pick a Number, Paper doll stamp from Collage Elements

Other Supplies:
That's Crafty: Shrine Kit, Multi Purpose Craft Adhesive, Multi Surface Paint.
Prima: Finnabair White Crackle Texture Paste
Tim Holtz: Corked Vials
Various embellishments from my stash.

For a step by step tutorial on how I made this shrine, 
please see my post today on the Rubber Dance blog. 

The text on the tiny bottles represent what I personally think are important in a relationship, and the labels read as follows (except for the first, they're not listed in a prioritied order). 

This is number one for me. By curiosity I mean being genuinely interested in understanding the other person, to acknowledge where they're coming from and seeing things from their perspective. That doesn't mean I have to agree with their opinions, but curiosity leads to tolerance. I want to know what makes them tick, to learn and understand about their inner dreams and fears. I want to learn what's important to them, their needs as an individual. When I manage to stay curious (it's not always easy), I don't get upset if they do or say things I otherwise would think were dumb, mean or unfair.
From Latin, re-spectare: To look back; to see once again. There is so much more to a person than what meets the eye. Again, be curious (I can't stress that enough), find out about and respect one another's core values; never force anyone to change those. Respect your differences and the fact that you're not always right. Respect one another's individuality and uniqueness.
Communication isn't important, but good communication is! Mutual curiosity makes good communication a lot easier. A whole bunch of piles lot more easier!
Give compliments to one another. Say nice things about the other person - also when they're not around! I think it's really sweet when people praise their partner/friend, and of course it warms my heart when someone tells me what my partner had said about me! Aww, my mushy, mushy heart! ♥
Don't keep scores. Let go of old grudges. Would you still be angry at your pet for something it did last month or even three years ago?? Far fetched, perhaps, but it makes me think twice when I compare. What if I, if just for a split second, could have the same unconditional love for my partner as I have for my dog? Feels rather nice, actually! And it makes me condone any of his blunders and excuse how he smells when it rains. Oh, wait - dogs smell in the rain! Alright, moving on:
Be silly, be goofy! Laugh together! It's a scientific fact that laughter creates a stronger bond between humans. If you don't believe me, laugh and see for yourself! Alternatively, google it. 
I don't lie to my partner (nor to my friends), but I might not tell him everything - unless he asks. We have agreed to never ask questions if we're unsure whether we can handle an honest answer. It's not like we have any juicy secrets going on, but it can be little questions such as 'Does my butt look big in this?' (heck, I know it always does!), or questions that can be risky to ask, 'Did you miss me while you were away?'.  Let's add sincerity to the mixture: I say what I mean and, more importantly, I mean what I say. Knowing my partner always will be honest and straight-forward with me makes me feel secure - I don't have to doubt or wonder. If he said it, he meant it.
To me this word means different things. Intimacy is being close; sharing, trusting, being confident in one another. It also means being affectionate, verbally as well as physically; whisper sweet little somethings, hold hands, hug. Kiss your partner, every. single. day.
The 9th Ingredient is Love:
Love is a feeling that might come and go. The trick is to keep doing all of the above also in times when the feeling of love might not be evident. Love is the attitude you have towards your partner/friend. Love can be a decision; I love you no matter what; I love you even if I think you're an idiot, because let's face it - so am I, at times ...

What ingredients would you add? Please share in the comments below!

May the Love be with You


I'm entering my shrine to these two February challenges:
That's Crafty!: I Heart You
Craft Stamper: Anything Goes (with stamping)

Monday, 12 February 2018

New Stamps - on Sale!

Have you seen the February sale over at Rubber Dance? I'm really happy with the two new sheets of stamps and they're a hoot to play with!

Below are two tags I've made with the new stamps.

Tag 1: Stamps from Carved Whimsy Wood.
I stamped the three leaves with black Versafine ink (which is waterproof) and gave them a coat of Glossy Accents. Once that was completely dry, I made the background by using make-up daubers and brown and green Distress Oxides, and a light spray of water. While the ink was still wet, I wiped it off the leaves - it comes right off the Glossy Accent. This way you can see the colour of the tag through the veins of the leaves:

Tag 2: Stamps from Four Seasons.
I made the background first, using a light green ink through a leaf stencil from That's Crafty. After stamping the images with black Versafine ink, I coloured them in using Zig clean colour markers:

The stamps used are from the new sets - both on sale all of February!
 You can get either sheet at 15 % off in the Rubber Dance web shop.
order both the new sets and save even more! 

You can find the stamps right here.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Wooden House for Rubber Dance Challenge

Our house, in the middle of our street ...

Hey, good people! Are you ready for a new challenge? We have one over at the Rubber Dance blog today and you have all of February to come up with a gorgeous creation! I know you can ;-)

Here's what I made, using the challenge colours as well as theme (hearts). You can use our colours OR theme, or a combo of both.

My sweetheart made me some wooden houses for Christmas (you can see another house here). They are really easy to make (you have a saw, right?), or ask the person at your local wood shop (or whatever it's called) to cut them up for you. Wooden houses are quite popular now, so maybe you can find some cheap ones in a local shop and just sand them off if they're painted.

Anyway - here's another view of my little house. I painted, sanded, painted again and sanded some more till I was happy with the weathered look. All sides and the roof were stamped with stars and music notes, both from Rubber Dance. After stamping, I added the hearts using a That's Crafty dinky stencil.

  I twined the wire around a thin paint brush to make the curls.

The cute hearts below are whiteboards that a friend of mine makes;  you'll find them in her shop here: Deb's ArtZone.  
I gave the hearts a coat of white gesso before adding colour by pressing the hearts into ink pads in blue and green Distress Oxide. When the ink was dry, I added Glossy Accents, left to dry overnight, then finally added gold paint around the edges. The hearts are attached to the wire with clear glue dots on the back. If I had a much thinner wire, I'd just wrap it around the hearts instead.

The "i love us" text is from Tim Holtz' Small Talk stickers.

I was going to give this house to my sweetheart on Valentine's day,  but I couldn't wait that long so now I'll just have to make something else for the 14th ...  My darling and I aren't the most romantic couple on earth, but I try my best - once a year. My idea of a romantic gesture was when he, out of the blue, bought a new dustpan and broom set for the kitchen floor - in MY fave colour!! I thought that was really sweet, so I guess it's safe to say that I'm not hard to please. He does give me flowers for Valentine's, though, so perhaps he has a romantic streak somewhere...or maybe he thinks he has to, it being THE Most Romantic Day of The Year, supposedly. I dunno, but I love flowers, no matter what or why :-)

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or not - come join our challenge over at the Rubber Dance blog.
There will be prizes, fame and glory! ;-) 

See you there?

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Vinterbilde med Votter (Norwegian challenge)

The text below is not gibberish - it's my mother tongue! 😜 Since I made this for a challenge in Norway, this post is in Norwegian. You can still look at my very, very pretty winter picture and leave a sweet comment - in any language but Klingon (mine's rather rusty).

Hei på snei! Her er et vinterbilde jeg har laget til grublisen på Scrappelyst. Jeg brukte en tykk kartong på 15 x 15 cm som base og malte den først med hvit gesso, deretter fargela jeg himmelen med to blånyanser Distress-blekk, som jeg ga en liten dusj med vann for å illudere dalende snøfnugg.  Bakken dekket jeg med hvit krakkeleringsmasse. Når den var tørr, klinte jeg på litt glitterlim her og der så det ser ut som glitrende snø.

Vottene og de andre stemplene er fra Rubber Dance, som er mitt eget stempelfirma. Jeg stemplet motivene med vannfast blekk på tynt akvarellpapir og fargela dem med ZIG Clean Color-tusj. Hytta er limt rett på bakgrunnen, de andre motivene festet jeg med 3D-puter for å få litt mer dybde og liv i bildet. Legg merke til at vinterbildet mitt hviler på et par votter - måtte bare ta med denne fine julegaven, ettersom votter er temaet for grublisen.

Nedenfor er et nærbilde av de stemplede vottene og litt av gullramma rundt. Den lagde jeg ved å ha på masse embossingblekk og tjukt embossingpulver. Mens den fortsatt var varm, trykket jeg kanten av et blomsterstempel nedi den bløte embossingmassen. (NB! Dette går helt fint med gummistempler - jeg vet ikke om clearstamps tåler varmen. Noen andre som vet det?)

Nedenfor ser dere de fine vottene jeg fikk til jul av en venninne som har sydd dem selv. Snøkrystallene er av refleksfolie som hun skar ut på Silhouettemaskina si. Vottene er av ullstoff og fôret med skikkelig myk fleece, utrolig deilige å ha på når det er bikkjekaldt ute! Det har fortsatt ikke vært ordentlig vinter her i Fredrikstad; snøen og frosten kommer og går med regnet, men vintersesongen er jo ikke over ennå. Kanskje blir det litt Tiddelibomm og huttemegtu snart! (Ikke det at jeg liker å fryse, men jeg vil jo gjerne bruke de nye vottene mine).

De sydde vottene er ikke et bidrag til grublisen, de er bare fine :-)
Minna syr for det meste barnetøy, og har en egen side på Facebook: Minnasydd


Jeg deltar på grublisen hos Scrappelyst

Takk for at du kom innom!

Alle stemplene er fra Rubber Dance:
Votter, Hytte, Tre:  Whimsical Winter
Blomst til gullramma: Crazy Flowers #1
Dessuten har jeg brukt:
That's Crafty! - Greyboard,  Prima - White Crackle Texture Paste,
Ranger - Distressblekk, embossingblekk, EP i gull, Stickles glitter,
Canson akvareallpapir, Versafine onyx black, ZIG Clean Color Markers.