Thursday, 1 February 2018

Wooden House for Rubber Dance Challenge

Our house, in the middle of our street ...

Hey, good people! Are you ready for a new challenge? We have one over at the Rubber Dance blog today and you have all of February to come up with a gorgeous creation! I know you can ;-)

Here's what I made, using the challenge colours as well as theme (hearts). You can use our colours OR theme, or a combo of both.

My sweetheart made me some wooden houses for Christmas (you can see another house here). They are really easy to make (you have a saw, right?), or ask the person at your local wood shop (or whatever it's called) to cut them up for you. Wooden houses are quite popular now, so maybe you can find some cheap ones in a local shop and just sand them off if they're painted.

Anyway - here's another view of my little house. I painted, sanded, painted again and sanded some more till I was happy with the weathered look. All sides and the roof were stamped with stars and music notes, both from Rubber Dance. After stamping, I added the hearts using a That's Crafty dinky stencil.

  I twined the wire around a thin paint brush to make the curls.

The cute hearts below are whiteboards that a friend of mine makes;  you'll find them in her shop here: Deb's ArtZone.  
I gave the hearts a coat of white gesso before adding colour by pressing the hearts into ink pads in blue and green Distress Oxide. When the ink was dry, I added Glossy Accents, left to dry overnight, then finally added gold paint around the edges. The hearts are attached to the wire with clear glue dots on the back. If I had a much thinner wire, I'd just wrap it around the hearts instead.

The "i love us" text is from Tim Holtz' Small Talk stickers.

I was going to give this house to my sweetheart on Valentine's day,  but I couldn't wait that long so now I'll just have to make something else for the 14th ...  My darling and I aren't the most romantic couple on earth, but I try my best - once a year. My idea of a romantic gesture was when he, out of the blue, bought a new dustpan and broom set for the kitchen floor - in MY fave colour!! I thought that was really sweet, so I guess it's safe to say that I'm not hard to please. He does give me flowers for Valentine's, though, so perhaps he has a romantic streak somewhere...or maybe he thinks he has to, it being THE Most Romantic Day of The Year, supposedly. I dunno, but I love flowers, no matter what or why :-)

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or not - come join our challenge over at the Rubber Dance blog.
There will be prizes, fame and glory! ;-) 

See you there?

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a cute house, great colours and fun elements. The hearts are adorable too x Had a chuckle at the end of your post about how romantic you both are....!!!! x

  2. This is gorgeous Bibi, and he obviously know how to keep your happy with houses, flowers, and dustpans lol. Have a wonderful February, Sue xx

  3. Ha ha ha you crack me up....dustpan!! If Jon did that he’d be wearing it wrapped around his neck!! Love your house too, a Bibi special
    Donna xx

  4. I love your house in those joyous colours Bibi, a reflection of your happy home maybe. I love how you used the hearts too. A gorgeous make my friend. Hugs Debsxx

  5. Lovely house, Bibi, great layers of stamping and the finish on the hearts is beautiful! My man once brought me some clamps from a petrol station... doesn't sound any more romantic than a dustpan, but he thought I would have a use for them in my crafting, and that IS romantic!

    1. Exactly! ♥ Your man and mine would get along fine! (As would you and I, but I think we already knew that ;-) )

  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments, everyone! ♥
    Much appreciated!! xx


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