Wednesday, 14 February 2018

9 Ingredients of a Loving Relationship

Hey, good people -  Happy Valentine's Day! I've made a shrine dedicated to LOVE and filled it with a few ingredients I think is important in a relationship - whether it's the romantic kind or one between close friends. 

Stampes used - all from Rubber Dance:
digits from Pick a Number, Paper doll stamp from Collage Elements

Other Supplies:
That's Crafty: Shrine Kit, Multi Purpose Craft Adhesive, Multi Surface Paint.
Prima: Finnabair White Crackle Texture Paste
Tim Holtz: Corked Vials
Various embellishments from my stash.

For a step by step tutorial on how I made this shrine, 
please see my post today on the Rubber Dance blog. 

The text on the tiny bottles represent what I personally think are important in a relationship, and the labels read as follows (except for the first, they're not listed in a prioritied order). 

This is number one for me. By curiosity I mean being genuinely interested in understanding the other person, to acknowledge where they're coming from and seeing things from their perspective. That doesn't mean I have to agree with their opinions, but curiosity leads to tolerance. I want to know what makes them tick, to learn and understand about their inner dreams and fears. I want to learn what's important to them, their needs as an individual. When I manage to stay curious (it's not always easy), I don't get upset if they do or say things I otherwise would think were dumb, mean or unfair.
From Latin, re-spectare: To look back; to see once again. There is so much more to a person than what meets the eye. Again, be curious (I can't stress that enough), find out about and respect one another's core values; never force anyone to change those. Respect your differences and the fact that you're not always right. Respect one another's individuality and uniqueness.
Communication isn't important, but good communication is! Mutual curiosity makes good communication a lot easier. A whole bunch of piles lot more easier!
Give compliments to one another. Say nice things about the other person - also when they're not around! I think it's really sweet when people praise their partner/friend, and of course it warms my heart when someone tells me what my partner had said about me! Aww, my mushy, mushy heart! ♥
Don't keep scores. Let go of old grudges. Would you still be angry at your pet for something it did last month or even three years ago?? Far fetched, perhaps, but it makes me think twice when I compare. What if I, if just for a split second, could have the same unconditional love for my partner as I have for my dog? Feels rather nice, actually! And it makes me condone any of his blunders and excuse how he smells when it rains. Oh, wait - dogs smell in the rain! Alright, moving on:
Be silly, be goofy! Laugh together! It's a scientific fact that laughter creates a stronger bond between humans. If you don't believe me, laugh and see for yourself! Alternatively, google it. 
I don't lie to my partner (nor to my friends), but I might not tell him everything - unless he asks. We have agreed to never ask questions if we're unsure whether we can handle an honest answer. It's not like we have any juicy secrets going on, but it can be little questions such as 'Does my butt look big in this?' (heck, I know it always does!), or questions that can be risky to ask, 'Did you miss me while you were away?'.  Let's add sincerity to the mixture: I say what I mean and, more importantly, I mean what I say. Knowing my partner always will be honest and straight-forward with me makes me feel secure - I don't have to doubt or wonder. If he said it, he meant it.
To me this word means different things. Intimacy is being close; sharing, trusting, being confident in one another. It also means being affectionate, verbally as well as physically; whisper sweet little somethings, hold hands, hug. Kiss your partner, every. single. day.
The 9th Ingredient is Love:
Love is a feeling that might come and go. The trick is to keep doing all of the above also in times when the feeling of love might not be evident. Love is the attitude you have towards your partner/friend. Love can be a decision; I love you no matter what; I love you even if I think you're an idiot, because let's face it - so am I, at times ...

What ingredients would you add? Please share in the comments below!

May the Love be with You


I'm entering my shrine to these two February challenges:
That's Crafty!: I Heart You
Craft Stamper: Anything Goes (with stamping)


  1. What an amazing project .... so much detail. Thank you for playing along with the Craft Stamper Challenge xx

  2. Dear Bibi,
    your project is just so amazing, beautiful, and with all sorts of wonderful details, -I love your ingredients of love and friendship - the thoughts you have had using excatly those words, your private meanings and liferules.
    Bibi this is gorgeous, dear friend- .
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous creation with us over at That's Crafty.
    I send you warmest hugs and kisses too- Dorthe, DT <3 <3 <3

  3. I love this Bibi ❤ you've made the shrine look stunning!

  4. Bibi this is an amazing project, so much thought has gone into it. Not only within it's design but also it's inner meaning. Your ingredients for Love are words of success and I have to agree with them all.
    Finding that *Happy Balance* is the key to a successful relationship and understanding those silences.. There's something quite soothing about being in a room with someone and feeling comfortable knowing you do not have to speak a word.

    Thank you for sharing a little piece of Bibi with us over at That's Crafty.
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx


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