Sunday, 1 April 2018

Altered Kettle - published in Craft Stamper magazine!

I had an article about how to alter an old kettle in the April issue of the Craft Stamper magazine (which came out in March). If you have that issue, check pages 22-25 :-)

Here it is again, although without the step by step instructions - you need the magazine for that.


Interested in the magazine? Go to to buy subscriptions, for single copies, or the digital version from

For my kettle, I used colours that match our April challenge over at the Rubber Dance blog - as well as our theme this month; altered stuff. You may choose between the two (colours or theme), or make a combo of both: 

You have the whole month to join.

The kettle stands on my workdesk, filled with paint brushes I use - so it's not just for decoration.
During Easter, however, I've filled it with colourful tulips and placed it on our dining table.
Stamped used on my kettle are the Crazy Flowers from Rubber Dance.

Thanks for looking!



  1. This is really beautiful and unusual Bibi, it looks fab with the paint brushes and I bet it's even better with the tulips. Have a lovely Easter, Sue xx

    1. Thank you, Sue! I wish I had taken a photo with the tulips ... The kettle is back in my studio holding brushes again, but maybe another time :-)

  2. Such a fun and colourful project. Looks great with the paintbrushes in it and would look lovely with the flowers too. Congratulations on being published x

    1. Thank you, Mac! It's always an honour when the magazine likes my stuff!

  3. Hi Bibi!
    I adore your ketlle, wonderful colours and stamping!!!
    What a great upcycling, very charming.
    And well done for the publication, congratulations!! :)
    Sadly, I am no more a regular subscriber to the magazine (I still love it, but miss time to read... shame on me isn't it?).
    It is a bit the same issue for your challenges, I'm so sorry. I love your blog, DT, stamps and themes of challenge, but simply can not, most of the time, participate to any challenge except by chance sometimes.
    I hope I can join again later when I will have less pressure with my classes and workshops in local, quite frequent, after the end of June. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Thanks, Coco! I know too well how it is to be pressed with time, so I completely understand how you can't fit everything into your busy schedule. Hope to see you joining our challenges when you have more time, but no stress about it of course. Enjoy teaching your classes! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. I looove this kettle to bits Bibi! I've even been to the op shops to see if I can find a kettle. No luck yet lol
    Dot x

    1. Thank you, Dot! x
      You could have one of mine, if only we lived much closer. I found several here, maybe they're just more common. Hope you'll find one, though! ♥


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