Thursday, 26 April 2018

Hoppy Birthday Bunny Card

hOpPy Birthday!

Two of my friends have birthday this week! Gail turned 50 on Sunday and Donna is turning... something-or-the-other today! (I don't know whether her age is a secret, so let's just leave it that).

It's so nice seeing those young chicks follow in my tracks by a year (and a half or two), and Gail saying goodbye to her 40-somethings and finally turning 50! Welcome to a new decade, filled with awesomeness, glitter, and many more wrinkles! Hey, we've earned them all! :-D

Gail has this bunny hop running on her blog to celebrate, and here is my contribution - a colourful card with the adorable Bonny Bunny that Donna designed for Rubber Dance!

Bunnies might not like tulips, so I added some carrots for her in the bouquet: 

No birthday girl/woman is too old for glitter on her BD crown:

So with this, I wish Gail a happy belated 50th birthday (I know she celebrates all week)
and Donna a happy birthday today
and many more awesome years to come for you both!

♥ ♥ ♥  Love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm entering my bunny card to Gail's hopping challenge:

Thanks for looking!

You may leave birthday wishes to Gail and Donna below,
and praises to me for a card well made, of course ;-)



  1. *Happy Birthday Week** to two lovely rubber dancers Donna & Gail... May your year be as creative as the last. A beautiful card featuring the adorable Bunny there could be no better design to celebrate!! Thank you for sharing Bibi..
    Hugs Tracey xx

  2. Dear Bibi, your carrots in the bouquet had me laughing. I am not sure if bunnies like tulips. I usually like to keep my tulips for me, if I can save them from the deers!!! I love this beautiful card and the crown is gorgeous and perfect. Feeling like a princess this week, albeit an elderly princess LOL. Thank you for making such a beautiful card and joining my bunny hop, and also thank you so much for sponsoring said bunny hop. Big HUGZ

  3. What a lovely Birthday card! Yes the carrots are decidedly fun and appropriate! Which reminds me I need to dig out some bunnies stamps and get on with it...

  4. Very artsy and unique! The carrots added to florals was a great idea!


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