Saturday, 18 August 2018

Same Stamp, Seven Cards

Are you sure you stretch your stamps enough? By that I don't mean if you test their elasticity, but if you use your stamps in many different ways to get more value for your money. Or just because it's fun to challenge yourself and see how versatile a stamp can be. 

In my previous post, I showed you several makes with a house stamp from Rubber Dance. In today's post, the Giraffe from Rubber Dance is my main stamp, as she's been one of my all time faves. And fave is the theme over at the Stamping Sensation August Challenge, which Rubber Dance is sponsoring this month. One lucky winner win run away with a £25 voucher to the Rubber Dance web shop!

None of these cards are new. I just digged them out of my archives to show you one of my fave stamps and how versatile a stamp can be, and I challenge you to do the same :-)

Gina Giraffe and her twin sista:

Gina is, like most giraffes, very fond of sewing.

A CAS card for a challenge where the theme was 'Spin':

I made this for an article in RubberStamp Madness:

Gina Giraffe celebrates Christmas: 

Gina celebrates St. Patrick's Day:

Did I say I had seven cards? I meant eight!
The one below has been my Facebook banner for a few months. 
I love it because it's so colourful and rainbowy, which is a word (from now on).


Be sure to bring out your fave stamp and join the Stamping Sensation Challenge!  
You have until the 29th of August.

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Thanks so much for looking!


  1. Good morning Bibi,

    What a wonderful collection of artwork using the Giraffe, you have certainly showcased the versatility of the stamp and I lovely you use of bold colours which always makes for such a happy cration. I kow I don't have too pick a favourite but I so lovel the first one with it's intensity of colou and dimension.

    My thanks for sponsoring us at Stamping Sensations, we really appreicate having you join us this month.

    B x

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda! My faves are the one you liked the most, and the very CAS with the Giraffe upside down. Sometimes I want to spend hours on a card (the first one), and other times I just want to make easy and funny :-)

      Thank you for letting me sponsor Stamping Sensations this month! It has been really nice to see what you and the teamies have made with stamps from Rubber Dance! ♥

  2. I love this giraffe and have used her many times as well. Such a fab image. You made me curious so I had a quick look and I have 15 projects using the Rubber Dance giraffe on my blog! Now that is a value for money stamp!! This one is my favourite I think..... What a fun thing to do, look back at just one stamp and see what you have done. I think your rainbow of giraffes is my favourite of these you have collected here. Hugz

    1. Thanks, Iona! Nice to hear that you have used this giraffe stamp that often! She is a cutie. Thanks for sharing the link to one of your makes - which is a really cool one! ♥

  3. As animals go, I do love this giraffe and her beautiful eyes! (I'm quite partial to the elephant too). I remember seeing those creations, lots of quirky ideas, definitely out of the box thinking, Bibi!

    1. Thank you, Craftyfield! Many of these were made for stamp challenges, which often challenges me think outside of the box. I do love that! ♥

  4. What a brilliant collection of cards Bibi, and I didn't know that 'he' is actually a 'she' - she will be Gina forever more! xx

    1. Thanks, Sue! The jury is still out on the gender of the Giraffe, not that it matters, but I have always called it a 'she'. This time she told me her name, which I didn't know before! ;-) ♥

  5. I love the design that you used for these cards. I love giraffes, they are such amazing creatures. Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day. Keep up the posts.

    World of Animals


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