Sunday, 29 January 2017

Quick & Easy Dinosaur Card

Hello everyone! Our youngest grandson turns 1 year today so I made this card for him:

This is not my idea. I found it on Pinterest here and she got the idea from someone else, so I don't know who first came up with it. No matter - I thought it was super cute! I made my own version of the card, tweaked it a little bit here and there.

I used an embossing folder that I thought might resemble the skin of a dinosaur. I never saw one (I'm not THAT old), so who knows ... The nostrils are made of white buttons that I dyed with red alcohol ink, adhered to circles of black cardstock. The original card had black nostrils, but I wanted something red to suggest that flames might come out...

This is what happens when you open the card (which was totally my idea):

I aligned the teeth circles on the inside of the card with those of the outside flap.
There's room to write a greeting below the tongue.

To make the tongue pop up like that, I scored the edge 
and adhered it to the front flap with strong red tape :

The eyes were made with circle punches and goggle eyes.
I lifted the eyebrows up with foam dots:

This card is very appropriate, considering the gift we are giving our grandson ... Grampa Tom made it! The rocking dino has goggly eyes, too, like my card :-)

We debated back and forth whether the dino should be painted, 
but the wood is so pretty with furniture oil only, isn't it? 
The dino was made of ash tree, the rest from pine.

Under construction in Tom's woodshop. 
See how much lighter the wood is without oil.

 I know this rocking dinosaur will be a big success  - not just for the little toddler, 
but I bet his parents will love it, too!

So now you see why I had to make this card:

I'm entering my dino card to this challenge:

Deadline: Friday February 10th.

I have another idea for this challenge, so stay tuned ....  

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a fabulous Dinosaur card grandson will love it. But incredible is your Hbs rocking Dino....I've never seen anything like it. What an amazing heirloom piece for your grandson and how he will love playing on it. The card and rocking Dino together are just the perfect present. Such talent from you both. Hugs xx

  2. Good god woman! Fancy popping that into my blog feed when I had just taken a swig of coffee!! So cool and fun. Love the tongue. The rocking dino rocks!! So beautiful. I agree, it's so nice to see the spirit of the wood. Fantastic. Hugz

  3. Wow Bibi....What a magnificent rocking horse. I have never ever seen anything like it before. Looks great left in wood and the oil. Now I see why you had to make your fabulous fun card. So creative and love the tongue inside!!! Thank you for sharing these unique, creative and amazing gifts x

  4. Oh my word Bibi!!! I thought the card was wonderful until I saw the rocker!!! LOVE it, the best rocker in the world I can safely say,well done to Tom,what a talent to make that.....I now have Dino envy ha ha
    Donna xx

  5. Thank you for your kind words, everyone! I knew you'd get impressed by the rocking dino! Oh, and by my card, but of course ;)


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